Craftea Caitlin

I am a tea-enthusiast, craft lover, chocolate addict, and wanna be entrepreneur. It all started in the kitchen baking with my mom at a young age and has transitioned to  me obsessing over my craft project of the month. My sweet tooth keeps me baking and my craftiness spends hours perfecting the appearance. My hate of coffee and my mom’s love for chai lead me to tea-drinking and I have since become some sort of tea snob. Hopefully this blog will bring you some good projects & recipes, a view on my journey to becoming a small business owner, and the love of all things tea.

Teaspoon is dedicated to my perfectionist mother, who could not understand how a crafty baker  like myself could manage to make such trivial mistakes. A teaspoon for a tablespoon, forgetting to wash fabric before sewing, egg whites instead of egg yolks, and the list goes on. May I learn from the mistakes I make and laugh the whole way through.


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