Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is upon us which means group gatherings, which means lots of food, which all really means: I get to make a cutesy dessert for everyone to “ooo” and “ahh” over. I am recently loving the Foodbuzz daily buzz email which includes the top 9 food blog posts of the day. This particular bird’s nest post inspired me, and I was going to copy her exactly, but I found a work around that made it a little less time-consuming.

To start, I used Ina Garten’s chocolate cupcake recipe, and a cream cheese frosting, which I dyed green. It said it only made 14-16 cupcakes, but I ended up making 2 dozen mini cupcakes and 18 regular cupcakes. She must have had some pretty special cupcake tins that I am unaware of.

Random side note: during this baking extravaganza, my brother and sister-in-law came over with my nephew. I was hired babysitter for the night but before the big night out, they had some friends come over and hang out (I live in the city and they live in the burbs) to have pizza and pre-party. The kitchen aid was rockin’ in the background while the group’s power hour began (1 shot of beer every minute for an hour). This is when I began to realize the interesting dynamic of the situation. Take me, the young 25-year-old living in the big city, baking my Saturday night away. Then take the suburbanite couple, 28-year-old parents who responsibly put their baby to bed and started their big night of drinking. Role reversal at its finest. Don’t I feel like an old woman. Oh well, I will own it and move right along with my lil baking blog post.

Now the cupcakes are done, cooled and ready to frost. Prior to the frosting, get out your coconut and green dye and mix the two together to get your perfect grass like shade of green. Frost those cupcakes, add 1 or 3 egg type candies on top, and then press the coconut onto the rest of the frosting to get the Easter egg hunt on a cupcake look. And voila! You have cutesy cupcakes for everyone to “ooo” and “ahh” over. Success.

Oh, and I finally got to use my amazingly awesome cupcake carrier that I got as a birthday present. I carried the double layers of cupcakes to the picnic in the park, everyone ate those cupcakes right up, played some wiffleball home run derby, and left with a much lighter and single layer cupcake carrier on the way home. My ride home compared my cupcake carrier to an innie and outtie bellybutton. Good analogy I must say. Though the highlight of everyone’s day was watching Melissa accidentally do the splits while attempting a Happy Gilmore style wiffle ball pitch, I am sure the easter egg hunt cupcakes came in a close second. No doubt about it.

What you need to make Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes:

Cupcakes of your choice ( I used Ina Garten’s chocolate cupcake recipe)

Frosting of your choice


Green Food Coloring

Easter Egg Shaped Candies ( I used Hershey’s chocolate eggs and Jelly Beans)

Cupcake Carrier Optional but highly recommended


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